We are a boutique travel company in Kolkata specialised in inbound travel which brings the attention of Western World towards a Rich Cultural Heritage & Euphoria – Durga Puja !

What we offer

  • Airport to airport service
  • Durga puja Pandal Hopping
  • Tour to heritage sites of Kolkata
  • Extensions to heritage sites of Bengal & other states
  • Experiencing the night life of Kolkata
  • Best-in-the-class hotels
  • Fine dining Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Local Guide service
  • Interpreter services
  • Private conveyance
  • A complete carnival experience with wallet-free travel.

Contact Person

Moumita Saha Choudhury
Chief Co-ordinator, Durga Puja 2021

Email: durgapuja@greatestshowonearth.in

Mobile: +91 82401 92964

WhatsApp: +91 81000 01990